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How much do we currently know about commercial scale cannabis and hemp agriculture? The consumer market is forever changing as more states are legalizing; so what information do businesses have to keep operating on the cutting edge? So far, MMJ Authorizations are just a piece of paper from a doctor authorizing the use of cannabis, but no actual healthcare plan or information of obtaining clean medicine is provided. CBD is at an all time high in marketing, but are companies being truthful and transparent? Do they have full knowledge of the plant and its use along with non psychotropic cannabinoids that can aid in health & wellness? Come join us in a projected 10 year research program in Washington State. All donors receive exclusive information in monthly newsletters, reviews & up coming legislation. 

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From proven methods to innovated ideals our research covers  various commercial scale grow operations. Our goal is to measure environmental impact, business bottom dollar, genomic integrity, phenotype data collection & community economic impact. From there, goal is to utilize that information for educating states for legislation, business owners in setting standards for "Clean Grows" & "Organic Grows", and alert communities to environmental impact.


Consumer data research gives an insight to buying habits, trends, what's catching their eye, what triggers repeat buys and what items are missing in the marketplace. This data allows us to also test the knowledge base of the consumer and aid in community health departments education outreach on consumption, place key events in areas to provide education, assist businesses in direct consumer marketing and to reduce the stigma.


Providers and practitioners alike need more science backed information on Cannabis & Hemp plants in the scope of their patients consuming by self dosing and stopping medications. Proper guidelines of a wellness plan must include the consumption of medical cannabis or now readily available Hemp derived CBD. Pharmacists need the information of how cannabis interacts with current medication list and be able to educate the client in proper means of titrating off a medicine and going to a full plant based healthcare plan. Our goal is to increase CE (continuing education) availability through the Provider Network to practitioners & providers so the can utilize the knowledge and aid in their patients care when consuming cannabis and or hemp derived CBD. 

Patient & Pet

Patient's today have been taking healthcare into their own hands by making a decision to consume cannabis and hemp derived CBD products. Our research will start with our patient data base form 2011 to present. With over 42,000 patients scattered across Washington we have built a strong foundation to expand to human clinical trials on current market consumables along with innovated R&D products. This data will give us the ability to help in community outreach programs, educational platforms for providers & practitioners. Our human clinical research will expand across the US in legal medical states capturing patient data and health information from FMSpa a functional medicine primary clinic.   

Local Veterinarians will assist in administering, research, identifying candidates and livestock locations to work with. 

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